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Contained on this site are all the Census images for Mansfield Woodhouse for the years

1841    1861    1871    1881    1891    1901

I will soon be uploading the 1851 census images as well

I have now fully transcribed the 1841 Census and the 1891 Census

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The site is still very much under construction and there is still a lot of work to do, as a result there may be the odd link that doesn't work etc.  I am currently still developing the site and I am continually working on fully transcribing all of the details for all of the Census years on the site.


Please note, these documents were not originally created for future generations to use for research, as a result the spelling on some documents appears to be poor. I transcribe the names and information exactly as it is written on the census documents, to the best of my ability, so the various spellings have been kept. It would be wrong to try and change the spelling of names and places into what we think they should be.


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